Monday, January 18, 2010

stay high, efren
Roll over and face the beauty
Fight the fight, hold your home
Grow the shrubs and cut em down
Baby’s first steps on the town
Touch my leg under the night
Strength is the morning light

But ain’t it a shame about the wind
Or the morning fog that couldn’t stay
Gone way too soon unlike the moon
Tell the evening sky to stay high,
Tell her soon

Sing like you don’t care today
Leaves they will blow away,
Come back next year all brand new
Get ‘em all, give ‘em all a few
Horns sing our return to our wealth
Reflect on your mama’s health

Inside you feel sweet touches
Inside we build a fire
Fill my hand and blind my mind
Eat your fruits and unwind
Return the recipes of our island
We can always be human

Stay soon, stay high.

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