Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bruised tomatoes.

new track. bruised tomatoes. listens and thoughts. >>>>>
gonna play our first public performance next week, actually two
Thursday Aug. 27th on 'Live in the Lobby' on air at 8pm.
Saturday Aug. 29th for the live in person debut
@Flicker Theatre and Bar
w. A Postwar Drama and Besides Daniel
first act at 9pm.

see you soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

if you build stage, music will play.

think i got all the pieces for the temp stage, oh yeah for my boys bday party next sunday here at the ranch. gonna have some friends play and then our new group, efren's soft debut. ya know cuz it is really gone be a sorta public rehearsal. the stage will be 8 x 12 in the shade in the corner of the yard. grillin' schwilling(hopefully not too much pre performance!!) fun and games, pinata, just mowed and trimmed up the grounds in this 100 degree heat, took a cold shower but still am hot. the avimonkfest #2 shall be a blast. hope you all can make it....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

getting pumped for this show.
the band is getting tight and finding our routes.
rehearsals get better exponentially.
and the album is chugging along brilliantly.
i hope you all can make it, but be warned this small venue will pack out, so get there early (830ish to get a seat) my lil sis band will open, Besides Daniel, then A Postwar Drama will close the night after us (this will also serve as a Album Release for them).

So write it in your ical, iphone, calendar, main frame and make it a point to be at the Flicker August 29th @ 830pm!!!!