Wednesday, September 15, 2010

upcoming efren events!!

This is how efren rocks...athens and atlanta bound!

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Out of Athens, GA, a city that’s produced many great musicians in the past, comes yet another band whose music is definitely well-worth a listen. Efren, whose new EP was released this past August, pleases from the second you press play. Always Been A Bleeder is a seamless combination of influences: some tracks vibrate with psychedelic and fairly experimental folk while others have distinct country and rock roots.

As a five-track release, the music is alternatively celebratory and brooding, the first four tracks consistently switching between jaunty folk rock romps (“Potholes”) and dwelling, reflective tracks (“Next Tuesday”). “Rapids,” the closing track, follows the tradition of sounding more like something experimental that the band enjoyed recording instead of a polished track. It’s a nine-minute outlier that starts with chaotic and dissonant mixture of guitar plucks, twangs, wails and warbles, bells, and the occasional cymbal crash until two minutes in, Scott Leon O’Day’s dry voice joins in and the song metamorphoses into something gentler and more melodic. While Always Been A Bleeder clearly has the influence of older folk, their music is also distinctly contemporary. At times they sound like a more youthful and energized Tallest Man On Earth, and as advertised by the band, many of the tracks should be well-received by fans of Iron & Wine (particularly if you enjoyed Beam’s sound on The Shepard’s Dog).

The vocals are, in the tradition of many folk-singers past and present, dry and raspy, often more mumbles than articulate words, but they never grate. Lyrically, Efren stays introspective while avoiding self-indulgence, which leaves their music more free-spirited than heavy. Track for track, they engage from the get-go, and their sound only grows more and more enjoyable with each succeeding listen. While none of the tracks stand out as singles, Always Been A Bleeder lays down an outstanding outline for a future LP.
September 15th, 2010 by Emily Graham

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

salt to be free. ~efren

Play up in the mountains
stay out here at home
too hot to be naked
we can sit inside alone
ride out to the mailbox
trying not to get lost
cool it off and sit down
figure out who's the boss

Realize our goals
magic can make it burn our souls
feel me try to retreat
over the edge i leak
kiss the boy goodnight
goin' solo for a while
find out we can breath
takes some salt to be free

on upcoming album
'Rise on up and Melt'
winter 2010