Saturday, January 16, 2010

the boys are back

the efren band had their first performances since mid-December this week!!

First was the Athens Dance and Folk Society HOOT! @ Little Kings!!
For being folk fans they were a loud and talkative bunch. Great Show though and good to play a nice short 30 min. set to warm up for the rest of the week. Meet a wonderful lady songwriter, Caroline Aiken. wow.. she brings the wisdom of performance and storytelling i will to have one day.

next was the GO bar. with Mr. Adam Klein and friends
two great acts but slim turn out. but on that subject, i have decided to decrease athens shows (even though i just booked one Feb 12th at Farm 255), as to decrease supply, increase demand... i like the go bar and plan on hitting up more often.

Then the GRAND Finale
Java Monkey in ATL, decataur
with Besides Daniel, solo
This place is a small real cool coffee shop/bar/food joint with an enclosed patio with little gas fireplaces to heat it. small stage and PA, that works great, not the PA:) but the room/patio. tables and funny wooden bleachers, nice. and the had Bell's Porter on tap!!! yes.
Danny played a sweet set and the crowd grew and grew, and was extremely silent and attentive, great job!!! Danny is very talented and a superb songwriter, even though he has been thru alot recently (crazy tangled story)
Then we hit the stage rocked thru our set to great reception and had a blast. i think i may start posting set lists soon of shows so look out for that...

now it is time to finish demo's/preproduction on new EP!!
my voice has been kinda iffy lately, but seems to be coming around.
no performances til macon Jan. 29th duo style
then a biggun on Jan 30th at Flicker with Hola Halo

see ya real soon?!?


  1. enjoyed seeing you fine gentlemen at little kings!
    hope to see more of you guys soon!