Sunday, January 24, 2010

upcoming events!!!

No flyer but the best may be efren with Hola Halo at Flicker Jan 30th 9pm!!!
Hope we see yall at these fine events!!! we will Thunder and Moan!!

new songs for the world about ?

we spent friday night learning five new songs and they are all wonderful.
after just a few run thru's i feel great about 'em!!!
Potholes (simple kiss)
Rise up and Melt
Over the Horizon
and Next Tuesday
love em.
here's a sneak peak...

Potholes (simple kiss) by efren

Like I told you long ago
I would never leave my mind
Inside the car I saw
All of the things we’d find
A better life and searching wife
Took us off in the night
Stole a bottle split the zone
All I see is the light

Potholes in two tracks
I hide up around the back
I’d leave you here
Probably out of fear

Barrels run dry til mornin’
Peace around me now
Can’t see thru the fog
Probably hit it with no doubt
Not really no way to think
But we can win this bout
I’d go all the way for this
Life will be a simple kiss.

Go on and pack your bags
It’s blowing in the wind
Creepin thick August heat
Up on the porch I’m your friend
Go up against any cause
Search me out and fight the boss
Poisoned corn and ruined sun
First learn yourself then buy that gun

Retired Preacher smoked the point
Off the laws of Georgia Clay
Schoolboy tied in the dark
Just believe you’ll get away
Revolution is in the air
Change my clothes cut my hair
I’d go all the way for this
Life will be a simple kiss

Potholes in two tracks
I’ll hide up around the back
I’d leave you here / I’d never leave you here
Probably out of fear / Revolution is near

Monday, January 18, 2010

stay high, efren
Roll over and face the beauty
Fight the fight, hold your home
Grow the shrubs and cut em down
Baby’s first steps on the town
Touch my leg under the night
Strength is the morning light

But ain’t it a shame about the wind
Or the morning fog that couldn’t stay
Gone way too soon unlike the moon
Tell the evening sky to stay high,
Tell her soon

Sing like you don’t care today
Leaves they will blow away,
Come back next year all brand new
Get ‘em all, give ‘em all a few
Horns sing our return to our wealth
Reflect on your mama’s health

Inside you feel sweet touches
Inside we build a fire
Fill my hand and blind my mind
Eat your fruits and unwind
Return the recipes of our island
We can always be human

Stay soon, stay high.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the boys are back

the efren band had their first performances since mid-December this week!!

First was the Athens Dance and Folk Society HOOT! @ Little Kings!!
For being folk fans they were a loud and talkative bunch. Great Show though and good to play a nice short 30 min. set to warm up for the rest of the week. Meet a wonderful lady songwriter, Caroline Aiken. wow.. she brings the wisdom of performance and storytelling i will to have one day.

next was the GO bar. with Mr. Adam Klein and friends
two great acts but slim turn out. but on that subject, i have decided to decrease athens shows (even though i just booked one Feb 12th at Farm 255), as to decrease supply, increase demand... i like the go bar and plan on hitting up more often.

Then the GRAND Finale
Java Monkey in ATL, decataur
with Besides Daniel, solo
This place is a small real cool coffee shop/bar/food joint with an enclosed patio with little gas fireplaces to heat it. small stage and PA, that works great, not the PA:) but the room/patio. tables and funny wooden bleachers, nice. and the had Bell's Porter on tap!!! yes.
Danny played a sweet set and the crowd grew and grew, and was extremely silent and attentive, great job!!! Danny is very talented and a superb songwriter, even though he has been thru alot recently (crazy tangled story)
Then we hit the stage rocked thru our set to great reception and had a blast. i think i may start posting set lists soon of shows so look out for that...

now it is time to finish demo's/preproduction on new EP!!
my voice has been kinda iffy lately, but seems to be coming around.
no performances til macon Jan. 29th duo style
then a biggun on Jan 30th at Flicker with Hola Halo

see ya real soon?!?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

one sheet/bio...ya think??

Efren is a folk group hinting on the psychedelic, from areas around Athens, GA. Reaching out into the musical world with introspective lyrics and brooding energy, efren entertains on many levels. In the past few month efren has recorded, released and supported the debut album ‘Thunder and Moan’. The recorded album is hard and quiet, while the live show invigorates the music and delves deeper into the compositions, exploring the sonic textures.
The players of this music have roots in jazz and blues, folk, bluegrass and rock. Efren touches on Southern Americana music, draws from indie lo-fi ideas, and respects the multitudes of great songwriters of our past. Lyrically driven, but emotionally wandering. Stories of trying to lose love, dreams of family past, tall boys, gambling, and whiskey stills…

“Roots with occasional layered vocals, his sound is that of one who's lived through much and dug into the depths of his heart to share it with us.”
~Echoryn of Athens .com
“Efren’s acoustic guitar and occasionally despairingly dark lyricism deliver the opposite of so much tacky “Americana” and “New Roots” music. Rather than reinforce a feeling of place and point-of-view, they amplify the supreme disconnectedness that overwhelms everyone intermittently and a few of us permanently. In it, even things held in hand seem just out of reach.”
~Gordon Lamb, Flagpole

Efren is presented as a full band, duo or solo. All formations intrigue ideas and experiences that affect the audience and venues with new sounds and performance. Efren is currently performing around the Southeast, and has plans of venturing out about the US and trying Europe in late 2010. Please, check out efren. ‘Thunder and Moan’


Friday, January 1, 2010

some goals

new years day is always the time to set new standards. I wanna do it.
2010 will be a great year. lets do it.

things i/we will accomplish...
New Full band EP to be released Spring 2010
Finish another full length to be released in early 2011
Play in 10 new cities
play 50 shows solo, duo, full band
Play no more than 3 times a month in Athens
find representations, label, booking, promo, management
book 4 solo tours
write music, songs, or blog everyday!
get an accountant
enjoy my wife and son all the time.
have more dinners with friends
drink and smoke less?
have monthly songwriter shows ala Man Gave Names to All the Animals
find time to be active and stay healthy
eat better

Hope we can all find happiness and fruitful success in 2010.
see ya soon...