Monday, December 28, 2009

Comin' on up.

Some upcoming events.
ALSO Jan. 14th @ GO bar w/ Adam Klein and friends!!!! pre-DBT party!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

which way to go...

today i had been thinking of writing a post about all the things i was grateful for and how i was to wish you all a grand holiday, but things have changed...

I learned this evening, Christmas Eve, of the coma and then soon passing of Vic Chesnutt, one of our town's/world's greatest songwriters. With rumors of OD and suicide swirling, i contemplate the life he led and the songs he has sewn. Chinaberry Tree. key players watchin... I sit and listen to his last release and wonder was it pain or frustrations that lead to this or his conditions and medical bills that weighed to heavy? I do know that one who has lain the seed of song for so long and given all he has to the tunes and walls of the venues of this world deserves more. but then is it to pass onto the next level that he will truly gain his due? or is his passing a lesson to us or me or the glorious struggle of the Athens' musician, that we are to lead our art to serve his legacy or did he want to call it quits after he had said all he had to say? confusion and love and respect and grief overwhelms my mind and soul. why? I want to put this system of questions and wonder into physical understanding. I want to feel right about the losses Athens has faced in the dark year of 2009. Vic. Jon Gutherie, GA Theatre. end it, please.

Can this be a positive position we sit in ? is this a launch point to a new conscience alliance of songwriters? we can be strong and bind together the love of our ties, music, songs, lyrics, soul. We can. we can. we can. try to embrace our heart and let our strength in numbers and heritage in culture wave music sustain us.

sustain us.
i will not edit my emotion for the respect of our people. fallen and living.

RIP Vic Chesnutt 1964-2009

See You Around

I’m sorry for my lack of communication
but as I’m staring out this fifth floor window
it seems like the least amount of communication the better
oh, well what am I supposed to say
"there’s a bloody effigy on my wall
and the complimentary carnation is falling apart"
and I ain’t got time for the niceties
or rather I was never never fond of the niceties

I will see you around
I will see you around
see you around
see you around

well I must admit I’m flattered by your consecration
It’s a mind-numbing spine-chilling
but never-the-less heartwarming gesture
but as you make your advances so clumsily
I’ll save us both the both the hassle and leave
and hang out all night
in the familiar fluorescent light of Dunkin’ Donuts
'cause I ain’t got time for the niceties
or rather I was never never fond of the niceties

I will see you around
see you around
see you around
see you around

well how are you with issues
lately you’ve been a half-assed activist
you’ve been seen sashaying around the picket line
wearing scarcely any sign
oh but always vocal in love and strife
and the politics of your all important life
well I’m sorry but your routine is coming off a bit ragged
and I ain't got time for the niceties
or rather I was never never fond of the niceties

I will see you around
I'll see you around
see you around
see you around
see you around
see you around
I'll see you around
I'll see you around
I'll see you around
~V. Chesnutt

Happy Holidays
Peace to Vic and his family and friends.
Joy to the world?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i could write a book.

but, i have small amounts of time and more duties to my life and family and job. i think i will one day have the courage and time to devote to unleash the lyrical insanity that resides in me. i have songs to write and chords to record. How does one find the time?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

new outlooks

i have been lazy on the blog.
i am making a new attempt.
i will give something as much as i can daily.
ideas, goals, outlooks, routines, progress...
i have made it real
i have put it out.
i have put it on stage.
i shall rephrase... WE HAVE.
it takes all of us to see/hear this music from efren.
band, fans, friends, spouses, kin, offspring, agents.
i give thanks and gratitude to you all.
thank you.
where it goes, when it happens, all relies on our personal outlooks and progress.
i shall see you manana!!
be well

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new tune. Rapids. i like.


How we all know this will work for her?
A wild bird on a vine
When the time comes there will be none
Won’t even have to why
Smiles and shakes and cars and bars
A blur gone too fast
When we’re old stories we will tell
About the slick glass

Rapids on a Monday
Let me go my way
Believe in these dreams
It may be what is seems

White girls and fields of green today
Beaches are now our goal
Our life will ride thru the south and north
Fail that I will be whole
A vision may satisfy only one boy
Find it is the toys
Grace grows big in the year oh nine
Sittin’ on the porch I will be fine.

Dreamt long nights and down dirt roads
Busted tire and a frown
Realize I may be trying harder than
I can be put down
Consumed by overtime richly throughout my days
Corn barley rye and wine
Face up night time schemes and fire side lights
Sittin’ on my porch I’ll be fine

Rapids on a Monday
Let me go my way
Believe in these dreams
It may be what is seems

be well

Sunday, November 29, 2009

efren album release!! this coming friday!!! DEC. 4th.

hey yall.
love the onset of the cold.
hope the holiday time is treatin' ya right, and wanted to extend a personal invite to you to come and enjoy the celebration of efren's album. We will be joined by some friends at the Flicker Theatre on the evening of Dec. 4th here in Athens, GA. The show will start early like 9ish with our friends Major Love Event and Taylor Hollingsworth. Then we plan on performing the new album "Thunder and Moan" from beginning to end plus a couple more tunes.

We have decided to give all who attend a free download of the album, so please come on down.

The band is clicking and the songs have found a wonderous way, so please come and join us

efren releases debut album 'Thunder and Moan'
w/ A Major Love event and Taylor Hollingsworth
Friday Dec. 4th
Flicker Theatre and Bar
Athens, GA

efren thanks you for all the great shows and nice response
see ya!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

do you know this is about to happen?
come hang...

Monday, November 23, 2009

some nice love. Kjærlighet

Kjærlighet Kjærlighet Kjærlighet

a friend from the twitter, with a tweezer.


THANKS erik and espyrock.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

long time. and many happs.

album done.
art final.
banners ordered.
long time since a blog.
new things are upon us.
new songs, new venues, new sounds.
i have decided to do what i feel and not be consumed with all the observations, judging that goes on in the art world. although i try not to care what the world thinks it has always been in the back of my mind.
no more.
i will play here and there, to the ones who come to hear. not to the premonitions and hang ups of the musical world. after all most of the world listens to pop schlock anyway i will put my thoughts out there to the ones who care.
come along.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

enjoy tunes and pics = video

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Come see efren and the man, myth, legend Timi!! see you here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

gonna put it through the speakers

taking the tracks to the studio friday.
gonna see how it sounds.
ready to mix like mad.
make it big.
when i think of where this goes i see faces and lights flickering in the crowd, small stages and sweet speakers. Norway can hear this. the kiwis too. late night stories and wooden ampitheatre benches. appreciate the good and embrace the work. my voice isn't smooth or proper but myths of life and tales of escapin' are felt. instead of fear or judgement hear this with unblaming ideas. i will drive a van by myself to meet the tunes and bring the show every chance i get. old strings and forgotten words, but real time and lucky nights. to newport or victoria isle lets take this where it goes. intentions set onto digital waves, sent to people that can help, and friends overseas. this is what i came to the south for. this is when we go.

don't forget rye bar sept. 18th FRIDAY
efren, Animals that will KILL Yer ASS, and besides Daniel..........heard.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when you gonna do it.

i watched the phone.
I refresh the page.
i wait for the signal.
when i restrain myself from packing up the guitar and going, I don't know what lies out on the path of musical sufficiency. I could lay it all out there and go and hope for the fulfillment on many levels needed to sustain. Want foreign lands and a big time band...
but do i? where does this music lead. i want to play the right shows, see the right bills, do the right thing, tread litely... how and what do i need to find the answer... jump? or plot carefully and deliberately? find the yes. ugh. work terms. i am throwing the vision of help and assistance from the right people to make this what it can be. what that is is still being established and will just find its way on its own terms. i don't write music to fulfill a genre. i don't know where my sound comes from. i just feel the stories and write the music. do i go folk, rock, shoegazer, pop, indie, americana, or just do what i do...

efren will fill the path it follows but don't expect anything, and you may get what you needed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

facebook convo, thanks...

Dave Sturgis, from TT Mahoney and the Standard Eight
Congrats to "Efren" on an outstanding debut. In a town flush with talented songwriters and performers the ones that stand out really mean something. With a simple trap set, a double bass, two acoustic guitars, and some slick harmonies this group with these songs is going to make Athens step back and listen to their refreshing blend of haunted South storytelling and moody poetry.
Bob Novick likes this.

Elizabeth Tanner
wow, sounds wonderful! dave, who knew you could be serious?! (ARE you serious?)
wish i could have been there. hugs to all of you talented musicians!
Yesterday at 4:04pm

Dave Sturgis
I am totally serious. They owned it.
Yesterday at 9:56pm


make sure to check out
T.T. Mahoney & the Standard 8

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bruised tomatoes.

new track. bruised tomatoes. listens and thoughts. >>>>>
gonna play our first public performance next week, actually two
Thursday Aug. 27th on 'Live in the Lobby' on air at 8pm.
Saturday Aug. 29th for the live in person debut
@Flicker Theatre and Bar
w. A Postwar Drama and Besides Daniel
first act at 9pm.

see you soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

if you build stage, music will play.

think i got all the pieces for the temp stage, oh yeah for my boys bday party next sunday here at the ranch. gonna have some friends play and then our new group, efren's soft debut. ya know cuz it is really gone be a sorta public rehearsal. the stage will be 8 x 12 in the shade in the corner of the yard. grillin' schwilling(hopefully not too much pre performance!!) fun and games, pinata, just mowed and trimmed up the grounds in this 100 degree heat, took a cold shower but still am hot. the avimonkfest #2 shall be a blast. hope you all can make it....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

getting pumped for this show.
the band is getting tight and finding our routes.
rehearsals get better exponentially.
and the album is chugging along brilliantly.
i hope you all can make it, but be warned this small venue will pack out, so get there early (830ish to get a seat) my lil sis band will open, Besides Daniel, then A Postwar Drama will close the night after us (this will also serve as a Album Release for them).

So write it in your ical, iphone, calendar, main frame and make it a point to be at the Flicker August 29th @ 830pm!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

efren lives.

first solo appearance in 12 years for me.
had a great time.
played 9 new songs and one cover.
52 mins.
pound yr chest on the lakefront.
played a bit nervous, whish sorta didn't let the songs breathe open up. that shall come with a bit more experience. gettin the bugs out.
i would consider it a success.
i will only get more comfortable.
come see...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

athens, ga music is thick

i know alot of musicians in athens, ga.
i have played in more than a dozen bands in the past 7 years i have lived here.
i will spare you the list.
but some names i wanna get out there here... that you may or may not know. you needs to check the links listen to their music go out and support there art buy a couple tracks.

T.T. Mahoney & the Standard 8

Nuclear Spring

Betsy Franck and the Bareknuckle Band

So there is a start...
check them out i will be back with you shortly with some more goodies...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new art and free MP3's

new art by my bro, Adam O'Day

FREE MP3 download! "efrenrock – Seen you laugh at the Lights – Free listening at"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

put up one of the tracks for free

FREE MP3 download! "efrenrock – Seen you laugh at the Lights – Free listening at"

Free for the people.
get it.
it still needs a bit o work but i like.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

melted mind.

Athfest melted me.
i need a vacation from my self.

These walls have smoked for thirty years
Its really a common fear
The drapes went up with such hot fury
We never had to worry
The corner of clayton is now cinged
This is no way the end
The walls will stand on the roots
Brush away the blackened soot
Mr. Greene guide the ship back home
The groove is deep in stone

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

long live the Georgia theatre.

i walked by the the ga theatre for the first time today after the fire.
i heard the news on friday am. and it made me ill. i have been in a house fire and it wasn't even that big but to see such an iconic figure charred and windows blown out and the smell of cinged memories once again turned my insides.
i have great memories and gigs from the house of so many bands launching pad. i desperately hope that she can return to the place it has been. My friend and Ga theatre owner Wilmot will surely instill an even greater space for the art of athens. ARU, MMW, Ween, STS9, Galactic, Dub C, Steel Pulse, Basement, The Frog Brigade, Derek Trucks, Pigs on the Wing, on and on and on. I can hardly put into words the amazing things i have seen in that building. the walls and speakers ooze inspiration. how does brick and pine hold the reverberations and not ignite with furious fire. inevitable or a new beginning??
I can't really remember all the details (duh) but i believe one of, if not the first of my athens performances was sitting in for a few tunes with Basement, billed with the Fuzzy Sprouts(?), to a packed housed. what a night. i was floored by the view and the buzz of the place. and mind you this was when it was sort of a dump, before Will bought it. lights, subwoofs, bouncing feet.
A void will be left until it RETURNS. i wish i was capable of donating the funds and means to have it grow back to where it was a week ago.
Please make your feelings known about town that this a vital place for our town.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

new music is up

to your right.
efren athens, ga.
new music
sonic acu.blast.

tell me what you think.
be honest.

Monday, June 8, 2009

if you hear any noise...

played to a captive audience.
was kinda buzzed but seemed to let the songs speak to the people.
this music i have found has begun to glow.
montana scare, cut my hair.
laugh at the lights.
some uncle tupelo.
felt good.
got some great feedback.
the crew is loading the buses.
lets go.

i cut off all my hair.
stuck in a bag under the stairs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

yup strange.

yup strange.
had an odd day.
new boss.
things felt off?
had a long vocal recording session last nite and probably got some keepers but was not totally happy with the attempt. i really believe going into this my confidence in my routes and ideas has to be high and i was sorta low entering. which way to go. you breathe clearly when the air is fresh and clear. empty myself. i will dive in again. i will rectify all that i set in motion.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

progress made.

got a new one working.
very vocal driven figerpicked backed by overdriven guitar noise.
i like it the vocals are still finding there way.
'cut my hair'

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

choosing battles

i work to feed and house my family.
i would like to perform for these obligations.
i am struggling to find time to create my music.
i love my family.
i love my music.
where does the time come that all can flow congruently? i am faced with desicions daily of which way to turn. distractions occur regularly. when do i punch thru the time wall and find a way to enhance this wish? stumble stumble. a few choice notes and a nice melody...

i will finish this. i will live my life how i can...

Monday, May 25, 2009

who's the right me?

i love playing sweaty, divey bars. with loud rockus guitars.
but i am ready for a sit down intimate gigs.
wanna be calm and still and enjoy the music and the connection with the audience.
who is me?
dirty drunken drooling party
or somber, shoe gazing, sensitive compositions
many of the calmer artist turn fiery and wild at some point.
i seem bounce between the options.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


return after a one nite run to Charelston, SC.
played at the new Hometeam BBQ.
it was PACKED full of stoopid drunk people.
but we played good and had em movin.
i like.

Friday, May 22, 2009

rainy days and apple sauce

my son eats applesauce from a pouch...gogo squeeze
wife is tired and quick tempered.
what a day.
got shows tonite in athens, tomorrow in SC.
find me and save me, please...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

chillin' with sinus'

well today i sit here with my son and play with trains.
and my sinus' are expanding with mucus, gross...
don't worry, all my loyal fans, it is not the swine flu. probably just a cold.
i wanna write and play my music, but my nose is against me.
in these times of non functioning airways i guess i must write the words and hear the frequencies.

too cold for pain
in a dark green stain
like mother says
you got so many ways
for an escape and bail
or flight off the rails
let me into your head
save yourself instead

Friday, May 15, 2009

failing imac

my imac died again.
twice in two weeks.
but the warranty is still good thru the end of the month, nice.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

windy. hung, six of may.

fajita, margaritas, EW, playin spades = hung over day today.
got some new ideas but no whole compositions.
it comes together slowly.
i think the waves will come
close your eyes and throw

Monday, May 4, 2009

i am today.

had a rough one.
want to produce but my recording box faltered this weekend.
think i could put my guitar on my back and roll...
Europe, japan, mountains of Venus.
i have always had some sort of escapist mentality, but at the same time a loyalty and rationalism that denies my run.
who can write the truth and put a melody that equates to functioning harmony. do i write a protest song, or one of lost love, or a psychedelic stroll thru tonal explorations. Did bob dylan explode the genius or did practice or experience, or love give him the jest...

i will continue this in the next time...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

its a saturday

rockin' on the porch, singing songs.
bicycle leanin', buckets and shovels about...
scattered clouds on a may blue sky

enjoy your life.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

what is fresh...

you want the newest, freshest...always.
what is it...
hot off the presses or new to your resonance.
relative frequency is effective for every physical structure.
whats ur locomotive?
thumping beats, screeching guitars, deep empathetic words...
can a few swells and a well placed nodding beat and catchy melody...
Can i tease your ear.
i can touch a string for the exceptional sense of the masses.
when do you love what you feel? what is the pleasure from? the composition or the presentation or just the buzz? touch one to touch millions. with ease the competent survive. I play to feel. But sometimes the feeling overrules the sense of touch. to touch the people the way that is a resounding grip. inside minds and inside waves. insanely create the peaceful reaction with just tracks.
initiate resonance

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


been toying around with some new tunes.
not very happy.
need a good solid block of time to devote, but then there is life...
Maybe i can find a solid block of time and the right head to make the opus...

Saw wilco this week, i am inspired but a bit disoriented.
they are the real thing...
efren is a baby...hopefully to be real as them...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

so tired.

gonna sit and chill.
wanna work on tunes...
maybe after nap...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

push the push

got some work done on the musics Monday night.
new and different.
is it OK for direction to find its own way or should the artist direct itself?
gonna try to go see electa villain this Friday and then my sis 21st birfday this weekend.
have no idea what the plan is for that but it will work out.

i am building my solo set.
prolly got 5 songs need another ten or so...
best git to work...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

long week...

twas a long week, busy and tiring...
hopefully can get back to some writing and recording this next week, but all good things in good time i suppose...
i wanna play but all that is responsible and gripping binds.
until next time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

work on friday

i am off to work.
goin' to be a great day.
post later....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

day one

posted tracks on myspace
created blog and facebook
got some nice feedback
started a new song
efren is alive
but the pollen in GA is drowning...

new internet contacts

Just created facebook and myspace new tracks added!!!!!!!
check it out.

hi. meet efren?

i am Efren.
musician artist friend.
ethereal sonic textures from Athens, GA.
spaced out laid back rock with sensitive feel.
please hear with open mind.

I don't want a face.
I don't want ego.
We are all trying as hard as we want to be expression.

The band is not a band but a foundation of frequencies.
do you have a reason not to understand?

search for the music.
2 songs done for the upcoming album.
i will link you to the tunes soon.