Friday, January 1, 2010

some goals

new years day is always the time to set new standards. I wanna do it.
2010 will be a great year. lets do it.

things i/we will accomplish...
New Full band EP to be released Spring 2010
Finish another full length to be released in early 2011
Play in 10 new cities
play 50 shows solo, duo, full band
Play no more than 3 times a month in Athens
find representations, label, booking, promo, management
book 4 solo tours
write music, songs, or blog everyday!
get an accountant
enjoy my wife and son all the time.
have more dinners with friends
drink and smoke less?
have monthly songwriter shows ala Man Gave Names to All the Animals
find time to be active and stay healthy
eat better

Hope we can all find happiness and fruitful success in 2010.
see ya soon...

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