Sunday, April 26, 2009

what is fresh...

you want the newest, freshest...always.
what is it...
hot off the presses or new to your resonance.
relative frequency is effective for every physical structure.
whats ur locomotive?
thumping beats, screeching guitars, deep empathetic words...
can a few swells and a well placed nodding beat and catchy melody...
Can i tease your ear.
i can touch a string for the exceptional sense of the masses.
when do you love what you feel? what is the pleasure from? the composition or the presentation or just the buzz? touch one to touch millions. with ease the competent survive. I play to feel. But sometimes the feeling overrules the sense of touch. to touch the people the way that is a resounding grip. inside minds and inside waves. insanely create the peaceful reaction with just tracks.
initiate resonance

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