Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Dave Sturgis, from TT Mahoney and the Standard Eight
Congrats to "Efren" on an outstanding debut. In a town flush with talented songwriters and performers the ones that stand out really mean something. With a simple trap set, a double bass, two acoustic guitars, and some slick harmonies this group with these songs is going to make Athens step back and listen to their refreshing blend of haunted South storytelling and moody poetry.
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Elizabeth Tanner
wow, sounds wonderful! dave, who knew you could be serious?! (ARE you serious?)
wish i could have been there. hugs to all of you talented musicians!
Yesterday at 4:04pm

Dave Sturgis
I am totally serious. They owned it.
Yesterday at 9:56pm


make sure to check out
T.T. Mahoney & the Standard 8

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