Tuesday, June 23, 2009

long live the Georgia theatre.

i walked by the the ga theatre for the first time today after the fire.
i heard the news on friday am. and it made me ill. i have been in a house fire and it wasn't even that big but to see such an iconic figure charred and windows blown out and the smell of cinged memories once again turned my insides.
i have great memories and gigs from the house of so many bands launching pad. i desperately hope that she can return to the place it has been. My friend and Ga theatre owner Wilmot will surely instill an even greater space for the art of athens. ARU, MMW, Ween, STS9, Galactic, Dub C, Steel Pulse, Basement, The Frog Brigade, Derek Trucks, Pigs on the Wing, on and on and on. I can hardly put into words the amazing things i have seen in that building. the walls and speakers ooze inspiration. how does brick and pine hold the reverberations and not ignite with furious fire. inevitable or a new beginning??
I can't really remember all the details (duh) but i believe one of, if not the first of my athens performances was sitting in for a few tunes with Basement, billed with the Fuzzy Sprouts(?), to a packed housed. what a night. i was floored by the view and the buzz of the place. and mind you this was when it was sort of a dump, before Will bought it. lights, subwoofs, bouncing feet.
A void will be left until it RETURNS. i wish i was capable of donating the funds and means to have it grow back to where it was a week ago.
Please make your feelings known about town that this a vital place for our town.

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  1. such a sad time. the worse thing is that it probably wont be back for another 2 or 3 years. that's almost a whole generation of uga students that won't get to experience the georgia theater.

    whenever it'll be, i'll definitely be there the opening night!