Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when you gonna do it.

i watched the phone.
I refresh the page.
i wait for the signal.
when i restrain myself from packing up the guitar and going, I don't know what lies out on the path of musical sufficiency. I could lay it all out there and go and hope for the fulfillment on many levels needed to sustain. Want foreign lands and a big time band...
but do i? where does this music lead. i want to play the right shows, see the right bills, do the right thing, tread litely... how and what do i need to find the answer... jump? or plot carefully and deliberately? find the yes. ugh. work terms. i am throwing the vision of help and assistance from the right people to make this what it can be. what that is is still being established and will just find its way on its own terms. i don't write music to fulfill a genre. i don't know where my sound comes from. i just feel the stories and write the music. do i go folk, rock, shoegazer, pop, indie, americana, or just do what i do...

efren will fill the path it follows but don't expect anything, and you may get what you needed.

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