Sunday, June 13, 2010

pushing on the lid.

been playing ALOT.
wanna open it up and spread it around.
been breaking too many strings gonna get a new saddle.
want everyone to get ready to come and get the copy of 'Always been a Bleeder' our new EP, recorded with the full band plus my lil sis!!!
how far would you go if nobody held you back?
all the way?
gimme the time and funds and i will play and record all that i can.
I love me some Athens, GA. I love all our friends around here. I love my family and pets. I love to play for yall...
do you know it?
i am writing for another couple sessions for new EP's hopefully out by years end.
this is the time to drop the hammer on this and push out the BS and pile up some shows and records.
unconventionally new free form folk music.
i'd go all the way for this, life WILL BE A SIMPLE KISS.
my fingers are a bit sore. my voice a little beat up. and i been drinking and smoking too much. maybe time for a stint on the wagon? probably not.
yall come on out to the last gigs this week before we release the EP at ATHfest.

Monday 6-14 6 PM
Ashford Manor
opening for Normaltown Flyers

Thursday 6-17 10 pm
Tasty World Uptown (two more weeks and it will be gone)
with Amandla, Nuclear Spring, and Titans of Filth

believe in these dreams, they may be what they seem.


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